Packaging your Python application for Fedora





Many people are preferring writing code in Python language. Be it Python 2 or Python 3 or compatible code to both the versions. I would like to present how you can package your Python code for Fedora.

The contents for my talk will be

  • Introduction to RPM packaging
  • Packaging pros and cons
  • Setting up packaging environment
  • Python 2/3 specific guidelines
  • Enhancing your packaging using additional checks
  • Building your package (Mock/Copr)
  • Testing your package

By attending this talk the audience will understand how a python application or package is maintained in distribution like Fedora. The same knowledge can be applied to maintain an application in the enterprise distributions like CentOS, RHEL. The RPM packaging is what all enterprises do if they want to take the full advantage of the RHEL/CentOS enterprise echo system. Learning Python packaging will help all enterprise developers.


Good if you can read about RPM packaging before this talk.

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Speaker Info:

Parag Nemade is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat. Parag has 10 years of experience in Open Source and Linux. He has worked on developing open source softwares related to Internationalization. He is an active contributor to Fedora project, provenpackager, helped in improving Fedora packaging, testing Fedora updates.

He is also currently working in Fedora Engineering Steering Committee. He has been working since many years helping new contributors to become Fedora packagers and existing contributors in reviewing their new packages in Fedora. He has reviewed more than 1500 packages in Fedora. He is the only Sponsor for new packagers in Fedora from India.

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  • Fedora Contribution ->
  • Fedora Packaging ->
  • Fedora Package Reviews ->

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