Packaging python to RPM (Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS...) format





I have been working on packaging few python software as a part of my Fedora's Google Summer of Code project

After this talk everyone will be able to understand packaging and can package a standard python software into RPM format

Here is the preview of talk

  • Introduction to packaging
    • Why do we need packaging?
    • Why RPM?
    • Alternatives
      • Deb format and others.
      • Universal formats
        • Using Containers
        • Sand box and Shared Libraries
  • Packaging
    • Installing the tools required
    • rpmbuild directory structure
    • Sources
    • Spec
      • Macros
      • Naming, Version
      • Licence and source
      • Build Requirements and Requirements
      • Building, Installing, Checking
      • files and changelog
    • SRPM directory
    • BUILD directory
  • Package Testing
    • Mock
    • Copr
  • Submitting package
    • Fedora
    • Red Hat


Familiarity with command line interface and software versioning

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