Open source health monitoring and evaluation systems using python

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Health monitoring sensors are connected to Arduino and data collected using them is fed to python program for analysis and visualization. This enables the programmers to monitor and evaluate health of a human being. Potential use includes assisting medical diagnostics, performance evaluation of sportsperson, predicting medical emergencies etc. An Open-Source architecture enables developers to develop applications on top of the architecture which utilize the data to derive meaningful conclusions. Outline of the talk: Open source architecture for Arduino based hardware for sensor integration and python based data analysis will be presented for two experiments: 1. Classifying runners based on their running patterns 2. Sleep detection in elderly patients Complete circuit diagram and code will be discussed along with obtained results. The talk is aimed to generate interest in audience towards this area and collaborate with people who are excited about our line of work.


Basic python Basic introduction to Arduino

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I am Dr. Sandeep Nagar, Assistant Professor at Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, G D Goenka University. I obtained PhD in Material Science and Engineering from KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology), Sweden. For past 4 years I have been interested in python and have concentrated the efforts towards RPi based solutions and data analysis. I ran courses for B.Tech and Ph.D related to subjects (Advanced computational methods for research, python for engineering problems, Internet of Things) involving python. I have also written and Open Source book on Introduction to python which is released under creative commons licence. In general I am involved in training people for open source technologies.

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Section: Embedded Python
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Target Audience: Intermediate
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Waiting to see Health Monitoring with Python. We can team up together as i am working on python for UMLS, SNOMED and HL7. See More :

ViCky (~vickysam)

@vickysam Cool. Thanx for contacting. Lets chat sometimes on e-mail at

Sandeep Nagar (~sandeep2)

@Sandeep That's cool. You can catch me at /

ViCky (~vickysam)

While you are working on the content, it would be good to make a talk outline available in the talk description. Please see for an example.

Vijay Kumar (~bravegnu)

git now has bit more content on the talk and would fill up electronic circuit diagrams as well as data analysis results when we finalize our data analysis part of experiment in coming weeks.

Sandeep Nagar (~sandeep2)

@vickysam sure. Please check the presentation at git address. It will be completed in coming time. We are working on performing experiments right now and then data will be processed using python.

Sandeep Nagar (~sandeep2)

@Sandeep Congratulations, Your talk got selected, will be eager to see Python in Health Monitoring :)

ViCky (~vickysam)

@vickysam: Thankyou. My team will be eager to meet yourself and share our experiences too :)

Sandeep Nagar (~sandeep2)

Let's catch up @ the Event. :)

ViCky (~vickysam)

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