Network Analysis using iGraph Python Library





In this workshop, we will focus on iGraph python library to mine complex network datasets. It is an open source efficient tool to analyze graphs.

Following points will be covered in the session:

  1. Generate a graph using raw data,

  2. A short overview of basic operations on the graph,

  3. Understand Structural properties of the graph using iGraph inbuilt functions,

  4. Community detection and its intricacies,

  5. Visualization of the Graph


In this workshop, we will give a hands on experience of iGraph library. It will help attendees to better understand real network operations. We will also focus on the implementation of inbuilt as well as generic functions of iGraph. We will also cover few basics of network science that can be extended with respect of time and audience.

We will provide real world datasets and sample codes to analyze these datasets. This session will be very helpful to understand the dynamics of complex networks such as, Social Networks, Coauthorship Networks, Citation Networks etc. This workshop will focus on realising the structure of networks, generative models to create synthetic networks, network properties, spreading models like, SI, SIS, SIR, independent cascade model, and so on.


  1. Basic Python Programming Skills

  2. Introductory knowledge of Network Science

Technical Requirement:

  1. Install Python

  2. install iGraph Library

  3. Install Pickle Library

  4. Install Matplotlib Library

  5. Install Pyplot

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Speaker Info:

Akrati Saxena is a research scholar (PhD) in CSE dept at IIT Ropar. She is working in network science (Social Networks and Complex Networks) from the past two and a half years. She has published papers in many International conferences based on Network Science. She has also worked as a software developer in Newgen Software Tech. Ltd. Delhi for two years. After that She joined State Bank Group as an IT Officer where She developed various softwares that are used in processing financial data.

Pushpendra Tiwari is a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at SRM University. His professional experience includes working as a Software Intern and a Full Stack developer. He has also done projects and research work in various fields including complex networks, web designing, data analytics in eminent organizations, and institutions such as Malgudi Lab @ IIT Ropar, Future Focus Infotech. His current research fellowship focuses on the study of complex networks in network science domain. Apart from this, He like sketching and own a profile at FineArtAmerica which he uses as a public platform to display his artwork.

Speaker Links:

Akrati Saxena:


Google Scholar Profile:


Pushpendra Tiwari: Developed a data analysis tool,

Currently doing research in Malgudi Lab, IIT Ropar in network science domain.

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