MySQL, Python and MySQL Shell for Python

Nitin Mehta (~nitin4)




MySQL as a document store opens up a whole new set of possibilities. We'll talk about the very new MySQL X Dev API for Python.

The new ‘X’ plugin allows MySQL to be used as a document data store while retaining the ACID compliance of the RDBMS. It works on top of X protocol allowing a developer access to the data stored in tables, in form of JSON documents and collections.

Learn how to utilize a single data store (MySQL) to run complex queries as well as well as CRUD operations in simple async way, without waiting for database to process the operations. Both operations, running from within single shell provided for Python.

If you're someone interested in writing applications at pace, without having to transform data that is schema-less to fixed schema and vice versa, this session is for you.


Basic understanding of the databases and python.

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Nitin is an open source professional with over 13 years of experience. He has worked in various capacities in database architecture and management roles. He’s working at Oracle and is currently part of the team helping and educating customers and community in various projects on open source software. He's also been a speaker at various technology events.

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