Mercurial: A distributed revision control system

Pulkit Goyal (~pulkit3)




Now you can see the draft of the workshop here.

Willing to work on a project, want to track changes you have made, see which changes are made by whom, have the rights to decide what to include in your project what not to. Want to contribute to an open source organisation. The first thing which you should learn is Version Control System.

Mercurial is a distributed revision control system which is fast and powerful. Most of its codebase is written in python. Its scalable and better than git on some aspects. Revision control system is a basic requirement whenever we work for a project and having a VCS written in python which is fast is something we should feel great being part of python community.

Mercurial is used widely by a lot of open source projects. Facebook and Mozilla community uses mercurial quite extensively.
So this workshop will get your hands dirty with mercurial using the art of story telling. We will start from very basics like what is version control system, hg add etc. and will end on some advanced concepts like architectural design etc.


Python installed in their PC's.

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I am an undergraduate in Computer Science who loves contributing to open source. I am also a contributor to Mercurial community.

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