Make your own lab with Python and Box0





Have you ever wondered how you can build your own lab and gadgets for learning electronics, physics, biomedical, instrumentation and other fields of science and engineering practically with DIY projects without spending a lot of money?

In this talk we plan to share how you can achieve it with python and an open hardware platform called Box0.

We will demonstrate how Python can be used by students and educators to build complex instruments, interface electronic circuits and sensors and Acquire, Process and Visualize physical data in real time.

We are going to demo how you can build an an ECG (electrocardiography ) data acquisition project by writing a few lines of code in Ipython notebook, popping in some analog electronics and Box0. If time permits there will be a few more demos such as how it can be connected with low cost Raspberry pi like computers to make standalone projects.

What are we upto?

We are a not-for-profit initiatives trying to address the core problem of lack of hands on education in science and engineering education. We believe the impact created by personal computers in CS/IT education can be replicated with affordable and accessible labs for imparting hands on skills in other areas of science and engineering education.

We are creating open educational, community supported resources thats maps the core curriculum of electronics and other fields with with python and Box0.We expect that this initiative will be helpful for creating awareness about Python and free/open source movement amongst educators and students from non CS/IT background.

What is Box0?

Box0 is a Free/open source software and hardware project for learning electronics, physics and other fields of science and technology.

It is a credit card sized, low powered and multi functional tool that connects with a computer, smart phone or raspberry pi so that you can learn by doing experiments whenever and wherever you want.

Additional Notes

1)Box0 source code and hardware design are released under GNU GPLv3+.

2)Box0 got selected in "Anything Goes" (top 20)


  • Basic Python programming
  • Interest in Science and Electronics exploration
  • Interest in Free/Open Source hardware

Speaker Info:

I'm what im just because of free/open source movement.
I write Free/Open Source software, design Free/Open Source hardware and anything random. Other than developing code for Box0 his interests involves reading articles on stack overflow.

I'm an Open Source hardware education enthusiast with a deep interest in Analog electronics and sensors. My interests involves communicating about free/open hardware and software movements to students and hobbyists. Along with my co-founders Kuldeep and Anupam i plan to collect enough money to buy a Caravan and build a mobile hackerspace.

Section: Embedded Python
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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