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Web application and services needs efficient scaling for serving large number of requests. In this talk we will see how developers can check the behavior of their services under load and stress using Locust.io, which is an open source python based load testing tool, it helps developers to find out what load(No of concurrent users) their system can handle.This tool measures request/second (or minimum, maximum, average), total request, failed request, etc. All relevant data is shown in the form of reports in dashboard.


Intro: (5 mins)

  • Importance of Performance Testing ?
  • Introduction to Locust.io?

Using Locust (10 mins)

  • Locust Class
  • TaskSet Class
  • Making HTTP Requests and Writing Locustfile

Executing Locust and Reports ( 5 mins)

  • Simulating User Behavior
  • Executing on a distributed environment
  • Understanding Reports and Stats
  • Plotting Graphs and Visualization


a) Basic Knowledge on Python or any other programming language

b) Understanding of Rest API's and working knowledge with Requests Library, which is basically used by locust for making HTTP Requests.

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Speaker Info:

I'm Vinay Babu working as a Team Lead in Trimble India Information technology, Have around 10yrs of experience and have worked in multiple roles as a Developer,Tester,Business Analyst. I'm a Technology enthusiast and keeps myself busy most of the day in-out with coding, learning & training. Started my career working with Java and slowly i have transition to Python and currently exploring the Scientific Computing libraries for Data Analysis in python. My work requires me to develop Selenium Framework and Automate the enterprise application which my company is developing. I'm a heavy PY user and spend most of my off office hours exploring the python libraries. When I'm not @ work I will be a Husband & Son and loves spending time with my 2.5 yrs old daughter.

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