Learning about Internet Routing using python

Abhijit Gadgil (~gabhijit)




This is going to be a talk about a mini-project, that started with a simple question. Can I find out what percentage of Internet traffic that I browse is served from India and what percentage is served from outside of India?

This talk will basically cover at a very high level how Internet routing works and how one can use Python to find out interesting information about what's happening in Internet.

Then I'd basically cover some interesting findings about Python while working on this mini-project -

  1. Implementing IP lookup in Python

  2. About numpy.dtype arrays vs. python struct.

  3. Python allocator

I'd briefly cover at the end - how you can write your own geoiplookup service.


Good to understand basic IP networking and awareness about Python numpy. I will cover basics of Internet routing and routing protocols for the session to be understandable.

Content URLs:

Essentially I'd be talking in details about this blog post

Most of the code for this is available on github

Speaker Info:

I work mostly on something that can be broadly called as systems. I mostly code in C++ and python. In the recent past I have been working with Python only to experiment with some of my ideas. Outside my 'official work' I write code for things that I am interested in. That includes a regular expression based transliteration engine for Indian languages, an html5 plotting library for equities data and so on.

Speaker Links:

Some of my old open source code is on bitbucket

My recent public domain work is on github

And here's my linkedin profile

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