Introducing MetaClasses

AMiT Kumar (~aktech)




This talk is based on the metaclasses in Python. The secret sauce which create classes.

Content Outline

  • Classes as object
  • The other side of type
  • The type metaclass
  • So What is a Meta Class?
  • Creating a metaclass and using it in our class
  • __metaclass__ attribute
  • Override __new__ or __init__ ?
  • Metaclasses in Action
  • More Examples


There are no prerequisites for this talk, anyone who can write a class in python and have a basic idea of inheritance can easily follow this talk.

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Slides were already trending on reddit [4].

Speaker Info:

Amit Kumar is a Core Developer at SymPy. He also participated in Google Summer of Code 2015 under Python Software Foundation to work on the Solvers module of SymPy. Currently he is mentoring SymPy GSoC Students and helping new developers to contribute to SymPy & Open Source and also conducts workshops for Scientific Computing with Python using SymPy. He has assisted a workshop at PyCon India 2015 & spoken at FOSSASIA Singapore and PyDelhi Meetups. He is also co-speaker for SymPy Tutorial at SciPy 2016, US. He is a member of Python Delhi User group.

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