Good Bye, Call Stack; Hello, Event Driven Architectures!!





This talk will focus on building applications using Event Driven Architectures(EDA). The talk will begin with an introduction to EDAs and will end with a brief description on how Pipeline Engineering team at DreamWorks Animation uses it. Some of the key takeaways would be: 1) What are EDAs? 2) How does it eliminate call stacks? 3) Other advantages of incorporating EDA 4) Things to watch out for in EDAs 5) Testing your system 6) An example of how EDA based system will look like.


Basic knowledge of programming in any language and computer architecture.

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Anvith Shivakumara is working as Pipeline Engineer at DreamWorks Dedicated Unit(DDU), Bengaluru. A IIIT Bangalore alumnus, his interests lies in every technology that would help him build systems that scale. At DDU, he is a Python developer with most of his efforts going into back-end development. He is also exploring ways to monitor applications using ELK stack.

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