Getting up and started with graphical user interface using Gtk+

Ayush Agrawal (~A-star-ayush)




Ever felt bored coding applications for same old command line. If so, get ready to fill your applications with all sort of widgets, colors and animations.

This talk is all about getting you ready to build graphical applications using GTK+: one amongst the finest multi-platform development kit for creating graphical user interfaces. The main focus of the talk will be on using PyGObject (not to be confused with PyGtk; the old stuff) with in between insights into graphical programming in general including topics such as X Windows Selections, Client side decorations (CSD), etc.

If the names above just did not make any sense to you, do not worry. The talk will include everything from the very basic. While this talk won't be able to teach you everything, it will throw light on the trending technologies and help you avoid the obsolete.

If you feel why GTK and not QT or TkInter, the answer is not so simple. While GTK+ is developed by the GNOME foundation and has great support for Linux, QT seems to be a more popular choice since its applications can be ported to far varied platforms than GTK. What I find compelling about GTK+ is that "A chair() is still a chair()". What I mean is that the GTK+ API comes very naturally to a beginner without having to remember special names. The very name of the classes and their inheritance model is easily understandable.

If you follow the link to sample programs under "Content urls", you will find the codes there really simple and generic. But the talk won't be a held back, I plan to go full fledged with building an application from ground up as and when we discuss the various topics so that you can see what it means to code in python; for if it ain't swift, it ain't python.


A general understanding of python syntax is good enough.

Content URLs:

To gauge the basic terminology go through AND

API: Python GTK+ tutorials:

Sample programs:

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Way into the third year of my Computer Science and Engineering, I have always loved to code. Its been about a year since I set forth with coding in python. I really enjoy the rapid deployment the language has to offer.

The best way to learn it is to use it. My experience with GTK dates back to me installing Ubuntu GNOME on my laptop a year ago. Ever since, I have enjoyed the thrill in messing around with the interface, applying the tiniest tweaks and checking out the work of others on the internet. After a year long relationship with my GNOME I fell I am well suited for this job.

I would love to take this opportunity to share my knowledge with others.

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