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The OpenStack Python SDK is designed to improve developer experience by consolidating the various OpenStack python- client libraries and command line interface into a unified, well designed, and user-focused SDK ("Software Development Toolkit").

In this talk, we'd like to discuss what the Python SDK is, how it is designed, and how one can use OpenStack Python SDKs.

With a consumer application requiring various individual pythons clients to install, each with different APIs and nuances, it becomes increasingly difficult to consume OpenStack clouds. The python-OpenStack SDK project proposes a new project with a single API namespace ("OpenStack") that would provide users with a single point of entry and series of supporting functions/methods from which to build applications and tools.


General knowledge of Cloud computing or OpenStack and basic python.

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The project's Git repository and we'd like to introduce the state of the project and discuss areas of greatest need for contribution. Presentation Link

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Shaifali Agrawal - Open Source enthusiast, Python developer, - Outreachy Intern for OpenStack, - 2015 Google Summer of Code Intern, - Working as a Full Stack Developer at Zaya Learning Labs.

Khushbu Parakh - Junior Developer fascinated by Python, - Grace Hopper committee member of software engineering track. - Active Technical Contributor in OpenStack during Google Summer of Code and Outreachy

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Khushbu Parakh

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