Flying A Drone

Dinesh Kumar (~dineshkumar-cse)




This talk i will the learnings from my experience of programming CrazyFlie (Quadcopter) With python.

So in this talk, will look at the CODE for,

  • Interesting things of core python, required for me in application used it for a need rather than convention. (eg: realising the need for private methods
  • using Callbacks to register actions (eg: on connection / on disconnect of copter)
  • Using Voice recognition to give commands to copter
  • TCP Connection that receives for text commands
  • Basics of Machine learning (eg: Recognising Handwritten Digits), and how integrating with the drone, will make it powerful.

finally, will see the copter fly ...


  • Basic programming experience with python
  • Basic of Machine Learning, If you want to grab a gist of Machine learning (It'll be 10% of the talk though)
  • How a python application is packaged, need for CI, Tests, Linters? Think around Development in Distributed / Big Team.
  • Basic Ecosystem of python, How Virtual Environment pyenv-virtualenv

Speaker Info:

Dinesh Kumar, Application Developer @ ThoughWorks Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

I've worked in different Tech Stack, Python, Java, Ruby etc, and have used many frameworks, built applications end to end. Have exposure to Test Driven Development, Continous Integration/Continous Delivery, Agile etc. I am experimenting with Auto Pilot Drone, also learning Machine Learning, functional Programming

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Target Audience: Beginner
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