Demystifying Monolithic Vs Microservice architecture

sagar pandey (~sagar2)




Where does the confusion arises . The Good and Bad sides of both the styles . Suitability , best practices and the best options available in Python . Comparative viewpoints of different Python based frameworks (Django, Falcon, Flask , Bottle , etc ) for building rest APIs via both the architectures .


  • Python
  • Basic concepts of REST and APIs .

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A Consultant by profession and a Hacker at heart , Sagar is a Python lover and a open source enthusiast . Self learned python developer has attended 20+ Hackathons and won 3 major ones . All his project are full stack Python based web application and he has worked on almost all major and the lesser known Python frameworks and libraries. Find out more about him at

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Section: Web Development
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Hey, can you add some slides or more info about the project.

Siddhant (~supertramp-sid)

Sure . I am in the process of creating them . Will put them up as soon as i finish them up .

sagar pandey (~sagar2)

The proposal (as read here) does not seem to clearly articulate the outcome for the audience - what would they be able to do after this talk?

sankarshan mukhopadhyay (~sankarshan)

@sankarshan The talk would enable the audience to actually get acquainted with the two above-mentioned architectures and get in a position to make a well informed decision to zero down on following either of the practice in accordance with their needs and purposes . The talk also would give them clarity on the decision to adapt a framework amidst the available python based frameworks .

sagar pandey (~sagar2)

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