Dabbling with Descriptors





There are a lot of nifty features when you peek under the hood of Python. Descriptors happen to be just one of them. The talk will help you understand just what they are and how you can use them to write idiomatic code.

  • Getters & Setters
  • @property
  • The descriptor protocol
  • Write your own descriptor
  • Embed logic in attribute access
  • Beautify your code
  • Do's & Dont's


There are no pre-requisites. A basic understanding of OOP concepts will suffice.

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Speaker Info:

Vishal Gowda is a developer at HackerEarth. He has 3 years of experience, working primarily in Python.

His previous talks include:

  • The concurrent programming paradigm - [IndiaHacks 2016]
  • Drawing parallels between Python & Go - [unConference Knowledge Cafe]

Speaker Links:

  1. [Quora]
  2. [StackOverflow]
  3. [GitHub]
  4. [Twitter]

Section: Core Python
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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