Crypto 101 ( The basics of security )

jayssj11 (~hackertron)




This talk will literally cover the basics of cryptography . I will touch following topics ( in each topic i will explain what it is ? , what are it's implementation ? and how secure/unsecure it is )


One TIme Pad

Ciphers : block ciphers , stream ciphers


Diffiew-Hellman Key exchange


Cryptographic Hash Functions

Password Storage ( brute force , dictionary attacks , salts , bcrypt , scrypt )

Public Key Cryptography

Key Generation

Signing ( RSA , chains of signatures , GPG Key Signing )

Asymmetric encryption algorithms

Putting it all together: a high-level walk-through of TLS


No Prerequisites as i will start from very basics !! Most of the talk will be high-level talk with some background working of some topics .

This talk is aimed at programmers of any skill level that lack crypto knowledge.

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Dealing mostly with online security and web development. Networking is my second name. Fluent in PHP and Javascript; decent in C++ and Python . Interested in the art of cryptography and sub-related aspects (kleptography, cryptovirology).

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