Creating & publishing custom Web API to mashape API platform.

Daxeel Soni (~daxeel)




A complete tutorial on creating & deploying web API to access data from websites which does not provide official APIs.

Curse Outline:

  • Introduction to OpenShift Cloud
  • Introduction to flask
  • Introduction to BeautifulSoup
  • Basic use cases of BeautifulSoup
  • Start working on real project
  • Creating json data
  • Deploying API to cloud
  • Publishing API to mashape


  1. Basic knowledge HTML, CSS & JSON
  2. Basic knowledge of python including lists & dictonaries
  3. Python 2
  4. git
  5. OpenShift Account
  6. Mashape Account

Speaker Info:

I am Daxeel Soni, currently pusruing Bachelors of Engineering in computer engineering. I have large experience in developing python open source libraries, custom SDKs, web APIs. I am an active contributor to python open source projects.

I've developed two public APIs in python and published it to mashape marketplace. Currently both APIs have 50+ developers across the globe.

Apart from coding i do research and make prototypes over the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. At the end i can say python is my Love and i love to share and spread the python knowledge.

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Section: Web Development
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Beginner
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