Creating Lint Bears with coala

Karan Sharma (~mr-karan)




coala is a simple COde AnaLysis Application. Its goal is to make static code analysis easy while remaining completely modular and therefore extendable and language independent.

coala can perform code analysis through "Bears" and in this workshop, I will focus on how to create your own Linter Bear. A Linter Bear provides an interface to the actual linter executable and through an awesome API which coala provides, it makes linting files very easy process.

For example, this is a PyLintBear which provides an interface to pylint. During this workshop, participants will choose a Lint executable for which a bear hasn't been created in coala-bears and the complete process of creating a bear and getting it accepted into upstream repository will be demonstrated to the audience. So, with this workshop people new to FOSS community will also be benefitted.


The audience should have a little knowlegde of Regex, basic Python skills and Git knowledge to contribute to upstream. If the participant is contributing for the first time, he/she will be introduced to the git workflow and how to contribute.

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I'm a final year Computer Science undergrad and have been dabbling with Python since 2 years now. I'm also a student for coala (Python Software Organization) under Google Summer of Code'16

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