Creating chatbots with jatayu framework

Debayan Banerjee (~debayan)




The purpose of this talk is to demonstrate how to create transactional chatbots with the jatayu framework, a FOSS python framework available on github


A basic knowledge of python is required.

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Debayan Banerjee is a FOSS enthusiast. His last job was at Paytm as an infrastructure engineer. He was a co-founder at He is currently working on the jatayu bot framework for building chatbots, which is FOSS.

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Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Debayan Banerjee (~debayan)

The framework is ready to use right now. However by the time the event is held I expect many more features to be added to the framework.

Debayan Banerjee (~debayan)

Have forwarded your question about access to reviewer comments to people who manage the site. However, are you sure that you are logged in, and looking at the correct tab? There should be a Reviews tab to the right of the Comments tab.

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