Complete IOT solution with raspberry-pi, arduino and a array of sensors.

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IOT is the future and in the talk I would like to talk about the following in details:

  1. A complete IOT solution using Raspberry-pi, arduino using RFID and wireless Technology.(12 mins with the basic idea and code snippets)
  2. Smart saver using image processing and automated API's: If there are CCTV cameras in the room they will detect presence of any movement by humans in the room and turn on and off the lights and fans as per that.(12 mins with basic circuit idea and code snippets)
  3. Weather-py: Weather, smoke, heat detector that will notify your phone any such hazards.(6 mins as the code is of 10 lines max!)

The talk would focus main ideas behind the circuit and the use of python and web technology to make IoT simpler.


Raspberry-pi, Python 2.7.6+ ,Arduino basics, MEAN/Ruby on rails(for the API),D3 for the Weather-pi(talk would be explanotary)

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for switch@save: Smart Saver

for the weather-py :

Speaker Info:

I am a student in the 3rd year engineering in the branch of Computer Science .College Of Engineering and Technology,Bhubaneswar.I am a enthusiasts , hobbyist and love to try new things . I work on OpenCV, MEAN stack development and IoT stuffs. I love to read tech articles and try implementing some of them.

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for weather-pi project:

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