Comparison: AWS vs OpenStack, choose what is better for you

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Get your mind clear with, in which terms Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OpenStack equals/differs with each other. This talk will help to those who want to explore AWS or OpenStack infra services.

In the world of Infrastructure as a Service, AWS and OpenStack are on boom. Both Services have their own pros and cons in terms of types of services, features, support, user environment etc. They also have some services that are common in both. In this talk we will compare Amazon Web Services and OpenStack on various factors:

  • No of services
  • Types of features
  • How it works
  • How to use


  • What is Infrastructure as a Service
  • Introduction of services provided in Infrastructure as a service
  • Comparison of services


There is not strict prerequisite for audience but familiarity with any infrastructure service will help to understand the stuff.

Speaker Info:

[Rohini Choudhary] is Open Source enthusiast, Python developer, Outreachy Intern for OpenStack (2015), working as a DevOps intern at Flyrobe.

[Shaifali Agrawal], Open Source enthusiast, Python developer, Outreachy Intern for OpenStack, 2015 Google Summer of Code Intern, working as a Full Stack Developer at Zaya Learning Labs.

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Shaifali Agrawal:

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