Building scalable and Intelligent IoT Solutions with Python and Azure

Abhishek Narain (~abhishek6)




In this session we will show the power of Python running on IoT Devices and communicating with Cloud. We will talk about security considerations and challenges with Internet-of-things devices. Most importantly we will make this service more intelligent by adding Machine Learning aspect and Power BI for visualizations.

We will setup a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian and use Python for sending data securely to the cloud. Then we add cloud intelligence to the same data. We will also be able to monitor and command the devices remotely, using the Python SDK for Azure IoT Hub.


  • Basic understanding about Python Programming
  • Internet of Things basic knowledge

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As a Technical Evangelist, Abhishek helps developers adapt to the latest technologies. He is a Devices and gadget enthusiast and loves exploring various boards. Previously, he was a consultant at Microsoft focused on Web stack, Azure, Cross-Platform Client Dev, and Game development. He is a regular speaker at Technology Conferences – TechEd, User Groups, OSI days, Droidcon, etc. Prior to Microsoft, Abhishek was working at Infragistics – a leading UI/UX company. He has worked extensively on HTML5 and was awarded the Microsoft MVP award for his contributions on Client Web Technologies, while working outside Microsoft.

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Section: Embedded Python
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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