Building AWS Cloud Infrastructure using Python SDK

Suman Debnath (~suman-d)




In this talk, we will try to brief about Cloud computing and the core components of AWS, and how we can deploy and manage AWS Cloud infrastructure using Python Brief Agenda:

  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing

  2. Quick brief - AWS Components and Services

  3. Management of AWS using Python

  4. Example for S3 Recipes

  5. Example for EC2 Recipes


Basic understanding of Python

Basic understanding of Cloud Computing

Basic understanding of AWS

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Speaker Info:

Suman Debnath is presently working for Broadcom as a Principal Performance Engineer, with the Performance Benchmarking Group. He has 8 years of experience on Storage Performance Measurement wherein he has had been working on various platform and vendors (Hitachi, IBM and EMC).

Section: Infrastructure
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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The current set of topics being covered in this proposal would appeal to a beginner rather than an intermediate practitioner. Would you like to add more detail about complexities and challenges involved in building such an infrastructure or, is this a general overview?

sankarshan mukhopadhyay (~sankarshan)

Hi Sankarshan:

Yes, I am sorry for the typo, I meant Beginner's level only, I will change the level, basically the talk would just need a basic understanding or awareness of AWS EcoSystem and its components.

Regards, Suman++

Suman Debnath (~suman-d)

Suman Debnath (~suman-d)

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