Building a secure IoT platform using Paho and Flask

Jaimon Jose (~jjaimon)




MQTT and COAP are very common light weight protocols for IoT development. One area that developers overlook during initial development is making it secure from day 1. This session will focus on a couple of approaches to make the interaction between the device and data collection server more secure and reliable using HTTPS based key exchange and signed MQTT packets. Paho is a light weight and easy to use library that handles most of the pub/sub, marshall/unmarshall, data transformation tasks. Second area that we focus is getting maximum data from the device that will help you with diagnostics in early stage of development. In addition to flask and paho, this session will touch upon sqlalchemy. Whole platform design will rely on micro-service architecture and hence the talk will introduce you to some components available in python, such as airflow.


  • Proficiency in python 2.7.x or 3.x
  • Basic know-how of a pub-sub model
  • Basic know-how of transport security, certificates, encryption, signing etc.
  • Basic knowledge of micro-service architecture

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Jaimon Jose is  Co-Founder and CTO of PicoNets where he focuses on building next generation picoCDNs, a different approach to content caching and delivery.  Prior to starting PicoCDN, he worked with a startup focusing on air pollution and built a pollution data layer using various sensing devices. 

He ended his corporate life as Distinguished Engineer and Member of the CTO team in Novell, responsible for technical vision and strategy.  As an Identity and Security expert and a CISSP,  he used to focus on security aspects of emerging technologies including BYO{D|I} and Big Data.  He believes that a lot of innovation and solutions will evolve in the mobile computing domain and that will be a trigger for the accelerated cloud adoption.  His research areas included identity analytics using Big Data and predictive analytics that leverages disparate sources like physical, virtual and cloud.    He represented Novell in standard organizations like IETF, OpenGroup and DMTF and is a co-author of DMTF cloud interoperability standard.  Jaimon is a regular speaker at various conferences  in India and abroad including InterOp, Silicon India, BrainShare and other industry-academia collaborations. 

Speaker Links:

  • Secure the Way You Work: Conference on Enterprise Mobility, Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce – January 2014 (
  • ISSA Webinar on BYOD, Identity and Security – June 2013.
  • Panel discussion at the Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce on Leveraging Cloud Services to Enhance Competitiveness. (
  • Understanding managed security services – CMR India, Managed Security Services conference India 2011
  • Various Novell Brainshare presentations (

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