Attack of Pythons : Gotchas and Landmines in Python

Manoj Pandey (~manojpandey)




Python may be one of the simplest and most flexible programming languages out there, but it is still a programming language. It still has syntax, datatypes, and some occasional dark corners. Python "warts" are things for which people have criticised Python, typically aspects of the language or mechanisms of its implementation, because such aspects either expose certain surprising inconsistencies, are regarded as omissions, or cause irritation for parts of the community in some sense.

This talk will be about common pitfalls (termed warts/landmines) that people face using Python programming language.


The only pre-requisite is that you must have some basic familiarity with Python programming language. Although it'll be good that you have laptops with Python2 already setup, it's not required as such !

If you are really curious how this talk will go, you can watch a similar talk for Ruby and Javascript here.

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Most of the content of the talk would be in the form of an interactive session.

Some of the topics that I'll be covering are being updated in this gist:

Speaker Info:

Manoj is a rising CS junior, who speaks Python primarily and is working with SquadRun's Engineering Team this summer.

Before this he was a Data Analytics Intern at Inspiration Edge and Zouk Fellow at ZoukLoans. He has been a part of the Stanford Crowd Research Collective (a research project of Human Computer Interaction group at Stanford University, led by Prof. Michael Bernstein) since January 2016 and Stanford Crowd Course Collective since April 2016, in which he moderated two open courses on Python. He is a fellow hacker and have won some prestigious hackathons last year (PolicyHack, Grand Prize Winners and AngelHack 2015, Runers up, ..) and won the Code4Impact Award at the recent AngelHack Jaipur 2016 !

He is an avid FOSS enthusiast and Pythonista, almost all of his projects are open-sourced on Github here.

Detailed LinkedIn profile is available at:

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  • Was a speaker at the recent Python Delhi Conference 2016, where he talked on Introduction to Web Scraping using Python (Slides)
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  • Mail: manojpandey1996[at]gmail[dot]com
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