Asyncio and Service Oriented Architecture in Python

Kashif Razzaqui (~kashif)




We will be discussing service oriented architecture and asyncio in Python. I and Ankit Chandawla wrote Vyked which is an asyncio based python framework for service oriented architectures. It has proven to be stable at production level and is designed to be highly scalable. It is powers the backend at

The talk will cover

  • A dive into Backend Architectures (Monoliths, SOA, Micro-services)
  • Using Python for the backend
  • Using Asyncio for the backend
  • Architecture of Vyked a SOA framework in Python
  • Getting started with Vyked


No Prerequisites. However a little knowledge of asyncio library in python would go a long way.

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Kashif Razzaqui, Director of Engineering at Kayako, Head of Engineering @ 1mg, Tech Lead @ Directi(Flock)

Work Experience of 16 years. Experience with highly scalable micro-service architecture as well as mobile platforms.

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Open source projects

  • Vyked : Asyncio based python framework for service oriented architectures.
  • Jsonstreamer : Provides a SAX-like push parser in python. Based on the fast c libary 'yajl'. Great for parsing streaming json over a network as it comes in or json objects that are too large to hold in memory altogether.

Section: Network Programming
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Target Audience: Intermediate
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