Ansible: Python based Next Gen Configuration Management and Provisioning

Vishal Yadav (~vishal-yadav)




Introduces Ansible as DevOps favorite choice for Configuration Management and Server Provisioning. Enables audience to get started using Ansible. Developed in Python and which only needs YAML syntax to automate using this tool. The talk will cover following points:

  • Motivation for using Ansible
  • What is Ansible and Features
  • How Ansible Works (Compenents, Workflow)
  • How to Use It


Basic knowledge of Python and YAML

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Speaker Info:

  • Work experience of more than 9 years. Currently associated with Mphasis Ltd. and previously with NEC Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Designed and contributed to many significant python frameworks and tools in variety of categories including test automation, C++/Python integration, build/continuous integration, simulation, virtualization, server configuration and provisioning, NFV/Carrier Grade.
  • Active contributor in various OpenStack projects and Ansible-Galaxy and Ansible modules.
  • Active speaker and presenter in various technical talks.

Speaker Links:

  • Python FOSDEM 2015 (TaskFlow: Python State Management Framework)
  • OpenStack Meetup 2015 Noida (Rally: Testing & Benchmarking OpenStack)
  • Other Talks and Technical Presentations

Section: Infrastructure
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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Looks good...

Pratibha Yadav (~pratibha)

I'd recommend turning this talk on its head. Instead of "a gentle introduction to Ansible" (which is a good thing, but fairly mundane), how about building up good habits in beginners and showing them how some of the common problems/pitfalls from code -> deploy can be managed via Ansible?

sankarshan mukhopadhyay (~sankarshan)

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