Analyzing Stock Markets with Pandas and Matplotlib





Pandas is an amazing framework that makes data processing in Python highly efficient and fun. In this workshop aimed at Pandas and Matplotlib beginners, following will be discussed:

  1. Setting up Pandas on your computer
  2. Getting historical stock market data for analysis
  3. Understanding Key features of Pandas
  4. Visualizing Data using Matplotlib
  5. Building simple technical models on time series data.
  6. Short introduction to Optimization
  7. Comparing portfolio with benchmark.


Participants should be comfortable programming in Python.

Speaker Info:

Head of Technology at Tyroo Technologies, India's largest ad tech company. Worked previously at Inmobi, Akamai, SAP and Infosys. In 2007, started out a casual unconference style entrepreneurship focussed meetup group called Open Coffee Club in Bangalore which today has more than 15k members and is one of the most active and vibrant grassroots entrepreneurial community in Bangalore.

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Section: Data Visualization and Analytics
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Intermediate
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