Adding more features of OpenCV in C++ to Python

asutosh hota (~asutosh)




OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) has been extensively used for computer vision and image processing. The libraries which are used for it are highly documented for C++ but many features are not present in Python libraries. Python is a very easy to use language for even complex problems if we somehow write more and more libraries for OpenCV in python things would be really easy for many developers.


Opencv ,Python , Basics of image processing and computer vision.

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I am a student in the 3rd year engineering in the branch of Computer Science .College Of Engineering and Technology,Bhubaneswar.I am a enthusiasts , hobbyist and love to try new things . I work on OpenCV, MEAN stack development and IoT stuffs. I love to read tech articles and try implementing some of them.

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Kushal Das (~kushal)

this talk would bring some of the features of opencv 2 not in openCV 3 by default. Some of these features like SURF and SIFT absent in openCV 3 by defaut.Every time someone needs his old favourite tool,he has to build the binaries from scratch and then can use it. If we are able to write python libraries for opencv then that would be really great. This was just one instace, there are many more where getting a prebuit library really makes the work easier

asutosh hota (~asutosh)

Can you clarify a little more? If someone attends this talk, what will they learn?

Noufal Ibrahim (~nibrahim)

They will get a insight on how OpenCv gets more easier by using python. Simply , how more one can achieve by writing less and simple code.

asutosh hota (~asutosh)

Thanks. That clarifies it a little but I think a rough outline of what you're going to present will help us to understand what you're going to be talking about. Is this about using some kind of FFI to call openCV functions from within Python?

Noufal Ibrahim (~nibrahim)

Yes FFi is the solution on one hand but what we can do is write complete newpython libraries that can be used for some basic operations that take a lot of lengthy lines of code in c++. Making it short and simple will be the key in the talk.

asutosh hota (~asutosh)

So, is your talk about reimplementing some parts of OpenCV in pure python?

Noufal Ibrahim (~nibrahim)

"Scientific Computing" might be a more appropriate category.

Vijay Kumar (~bravegnu)

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