Add intelligence to your Python apps using cognitive services

Saurabh Kirtani (~saurabh2)




To get their apps to the ‘next’ level, a lot of developers explore the ways to add machine-based Artificial Intelligence to applications – more so, with the spurt in IoT applications and bots today. This can be challenging for a developer who has never ventured into ML and AI before. In this session, we will try to break that barrier – by using Cognitive Services in Python apps. These are a host of intelligent services which you can directly consume in your applications – such as, detecting emotions based on facial expressions, detecting and recognizing human faces in images, speaker recognition, computer vision, etc. In this talk, we will explore on how to integrate such services into Python applications, supported by live demos.

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Basic knowledge of Python

Interest in AI

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<b> Saurabh Kirtani – Technology Evangelist, Microsoft </b>

As a Technology Evangelist, Saurabh Kirtani enjoys getting developers on-board with various technologies. His technical focus is mostly on Azure, IoT solutions, and web dev, and he has helped developers build solutions on these platforms. He is an active speaker at developer camps, community meetups and popular tech conferences in India - including PyCon 2015. Other than technology, he likes to travel to scenic locations, follow cricket and watch some comedy/suspense TV shows. You may reach out to him on Twitter at @saurabhkirtani.

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