Introducing our Devsprints Venue Partner - Phenom People

Phenom is a global HR tech company with a purpose of helping a billion people find the right job. Through Phenom's AI-powered talent experiences, HR teams are hiring employees faster, developing them to their full potential, and retaining them longer.

Today, the world is filled with awesome personal experiences. Companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify personalise your shopping and entertainment experiences by piecing together your preferences, feedback, history, and even your mood.

We do the same for talent by collecting and seamlessly connecting data from candidates, employees, recruiters, and managers to create hyper-personalised experiences for everyone. This means candidates find the right jobs faster, employees grow and evolve, recruiters discover top talent, and managers build better teams faster.

Our talent experience platform provides over 600 diverse and global companies with a unified solution for: Candidate Experience (Career Site, CMS, Chatbot, University Recruiting), Employee Experience (Talent Marketplace, Career Pathing, Gigs, Mentoring, Employee Resource Groups, Referrals), Recruiter Experience (CRM, Campaigns, SMS and 1:1 Messaging, AI Insights, AI Scheduling, Video Assessments), and Manager Experience (Talent Analytics, Hiring Manager). Built on a system of intelligence, our platform drives personalization, automation and accuracy for candidates, employees, recruiters, and managers.

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