CS Education: a panel discussion at PyCon India 2021

We all are intimately familiar with the advances Computer Science is making on tech, business frontiers, and many aspects of our lives.

Countries worldwide are adding computing to their school curricula and are making extra efforts in broadening access to it. The school children, working adults, and the elderly are using computers in ever more sophisticated ways. Therefore computer science education has become an urgent issue, sitting at the intersection of technology and human life.

This year at PyCon India, we're putting together a panel of people who have been working in this area and giving them a forum to discuss the topic. The panel will consist of 4 experts and a moderator on the stage. They will discuss important facets of CS education. Questions will be selected in advance to guide the discussion, and there will be an open Q/A session at the end.

  • Date: 18 September 2021
  • Time: 15:30 to 16:30

The participants for the panel will be:

Prabhu Ramachandran

Prabhu Ramachandran (@prabhu_r) is the associate professor of aerospace engineering at IIT Bombay, a Python programmer, and developer of Mayavi, PySPH.

Research interests - Particle methods and meshfree methods for computational fluid dynamics, scientific computing, parallel and high-performance computing, machine learning for numerical computation, and applied scientific data visualization. Formerly he was the managing director and later director of Enthought India. Prabhu is an advocate of Free and Open Source software, and in spare time, he develops some free/open software.

Prof. Shriram Krishnamurthi

Professor of Computer Science at Brown University, Shriram Krishnamurthi (@ShriramKMurthi) is the recipient of SIGPLAN's Robin Milner Young Researcher Award, SIGSOFT's Influential Educator Award, SIGPLAN's Software Award (jointly), and Brown University's Wriston Fellowship.

Pramode C E

Computer Programmer from Kerala, a small South Indian state, Pramode C E (@pramode_ce) Currently working as a developer with a company building a networking product. He has been providing training and consulting on GNU/Linux and related technologies since 1997. Pramode started blogging at a time when “Livejournal” was the craze. Many of those posts document the activities of the Free Software community in Kerala during the early days.

Ambika Joshi

Ambika Joshi (@computatnlmama) is the co-founder of Ajaibghar, a management and strategy consultancy for museums and culture projects. Under the moniker computational mama she has been learning and teaching creative coding over the past three years. She is also a co-instigator of dra.ft which explores emergent ideas of text and its future.

Ambika ventured into learning, teaching, and experimenting with creative coding since 2017. As a co-founder of Ajaibghar and a creative technologist, she combines her past expertise of art direction, museum design, and project management in arts with her computational works that are heavily inspired by generative texts, computer vision, and machine learning.

She streams on Twitch, creating inclusive spaces and learning opportunities for womxn makers to explore creative computation.

[Moderator] Noufal Ibrahim

An avid Python programmer and active member of the Bangalore Python User Group. A computer science and mathematics enthusiast. Noufal has an interest in programming, poetry, and calligraphy, among other things. A freelance programmer and trainer specializing in infrastructure work - development tools, test harnesses, build infrastructures, etc.

Everyone is welcome to attend. We'll have a brief Q/A session at the end of the panel. Questions for the panel are welcome. Please send them to Noufal [at] nibrahim.net.in. We can't guarantee that we'll ask all of them, but more questions make for a more exciting and fruitful discussion. We are excited to see you all there!