PyCon India 2021 opens call for In-kind Sponsors. Read on!

As you all might know, PyCon India 2021 is happening online, and if you don't, why not read about it in our announcement post. This year, we decided not to take on sponsorship, with all logistical expenses now being managed through the ticket sales collection itself. Ticket prices for the conference have been kept minimal so that everyone can afford them. Henceforth, we have decided to introduce In-kind Sponsorships at PyCon India. Companies and organizations with interest in contributing and adding value to the event and the community can come forward to make the most out of this opportunity.

What are In-Kind Sponsors?

In-kind sponsorship is a type of sponsorship where the sponsor agrees to provide swags (either physical or virtual, value-in-kind) instead of cash as part of the sponsorship agreement with PyCon India. These swags or benefits would be made directly available to all PyCon India 2021 attendees. In return for this value-added sponsorship, PyCon India 2021 team would be providing certain benefits to sponsors before, during, and after the event. This blog will detail the benefits planned for sponsors, address swag/benefits guidelines, and much more.

What's in it for the sponsors?

This act of goodwill while giving back to the community helps sponsors increase their brand exposure and elevate their business identity within the Python community. Sponsors have a unique opportunity to interact with the PyCon India attendees and get a chance to be represented at the forefront of the biggest Python community in India. The in-kind sponsors will additionally be provided with:

  • Company logo on the website and PyCon India 2021 program guide.
  • One social media post on all official platforms and blog announcement.
  • Mention in the opening and closing notes during the conference (18th - 19th Sep)
  • Logo display at the end of the talk.
  • One email to all registered attendees.
  • Sponsors listing on the PyCon India conference platform - Hopin.
  • One complimentary ticket to each sponsor.
  • Assistance from PyCon India team to send digital swags to attendees.

Guidelines for Swags/Benefits

With respect to this year's conference being hosted online, we want our prospective sponsors to follow specific rules before deciding on swags for PyCon India 2021 attendees. Therefore, please read the guidelines below carefully.

  1. The swag should not be a promotional item, although swag can contain company branding.
  2. The swag could be digital in nature or tangible items as well. All swag must be approved by the PyCon India team.
  3. The sponsors are allowed to send brochures or promotional content up to a maximum of 6 pages to the attendees alongside the swags they will be sending.
  4. If the sponsors are sending tangible swag items, then logistics would have to be handled by the sponsors themselves. PyCon India team would provide necessary assistance to the sponsors if any further information is required.
  5. Sponsors would be allowed to send swags/goodies to only those attendees who have provided their consent and shared their address for delivery.
  6. Digital swags shall be shared with attendees only through PyCon India 2021 official channels. Sponsors need to forward their digital swag to the team beforehand, and the team will be sending the swags to the attendees.

Please Note: At any point in time, the PyCon India team will not be sharing any attendee-related information or data with the sponsor(s) without the explicit consent provided to the team by the attendees.

If you're interested in applying to be an in-kind sponsor for PyCon India 2021, please fill this form at the earliest. Each application for in-kind sponsors will be reviewed and assessed by the PyCon India team. The PyCon India team would like to understand the motivation and background of each organization applying to be an in-kind sponsor. It would be decided after the review process is complete.

We look forward to all your applications, and we can't wait to see what this partnership with the organizations brings to the event this year.