Announcing Birds of a feather session at PyCon India 2021

PyCon India provides a lot of opportunities to get together, interact and have discussions with fellow pythonistas. In an effort to promote community growth we emphasize Birds of a feather (BoFs) sessions. BoFs are discussions about a particular topic within a group of interested folks. These are informal or relaxed panel discussions with active participation from the audience.

BoFs can be serious, and a great way to gather the people from the community in a common space to deep dive on a topic, but they can also bring opportunities to learn while having a lot of fun! At this year's conference, we will be having a specially planned BoF on Python IDE’s.

The "Samurai" Python Development Environment

Moderator: Shakthi Kannan Date: 19 September 2021
Time: 15:30 to 16:30 IST

The development environment for Python is a very important topic that is of interest to a broader audience with different backgrounds and varying experiences. As a Python contributor, one spends at least 8-10 hours a day in front of the computer, and it is important to master the features provided by your text editor or Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to Get Things Done (GTD).

In this BoF, the goal is to discuss the various aspects that are essential to have mastery over your development interface to be as productive as possible. This will touch upon various aspects of editors not limiting to syntax highlighting, auto-completion, editing commands, file handling, but also address interaction with version control systems, workflows, time management etc.

This will not be a session on comparison of editors, but, the focus is on the tools and techniques available to enhance your Python development experience. The moderator will ensure that the discussion is both guided and cohesive and will encourage audience participation. We would like to invite all the newbies, young and young at heart pythonistas to join this BoF and have fun filled learning experiences. If you wish to join Shakthi as a co-moderator please drop him a word (Email: author [AT] shakthimaan [DOT] com).

About the Moderator

Shakthi Kannan is a free software enthusiast, a documentation expert and DevOps engineer. He is an avid promoter of Free and Open Source Software. He holds a Masters degree in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Note: One can also propose an ad-hoc BoF session on the day of the conference. The duration of a BoF would be 60 minutes.

We are looking forward to seeing you all for interesting conversations at the birds of a feather session on PyCon India 2021.

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