PyCon India 2019 Vision

The vision of PyCon India 2019 team is to create a responsible and inclusive framework, that brings together Pythonistas from diverse backgrounds and provides them multiple avenues to interact effectively, so that the beauty and the magic of the community can happen.


As much as we want to run a great conference, we would also like to take all possible steps to ensure that the impact on the environment is minimized. We will take steps to ensure that food wastage is reduced, single-use anything is avoided, and we will proactively recycle waste generated during the conference.


We would like to ensure that the conference approaches everyone with respect, and that we resolve differences peacfully. In particular, we will proactively extend our invite to women, provide support for students, and ensure that people with disabilities feel welcome at the conference.


Python as a language has become an indispensible tool, not just to programmers, but to people from various backgrounds like system administrators, security researchers, test automation engineers, educators, hardware designers, doctors, scientists, mathematicians, accountants, etc. We would like to ensure that the conference reflects the diverse nature of the community itself. We believe that diversity will result in cross-pollination of ideas, knowledge, and experiences, making the conference richer, and the community stronger.

Multiple Avenues

While talks form the core of the conference, we understand people have different ways of expressing themselves. Some would be good at doing a talk, others would prefer showing a demo of their work, there will also be some others who would like to just interact by writing more code. So apart from the talks, the conference will have posters, workshops, dev. sprints, lightning talks, open spaces, and a lot more ways for people to interact, and benefit from the event.

Beauty and Magic of the Community

We all know that during the conference, people get to share their ideas and learn from others. But that benefit is just the tip of an ice-berg. There is lot more to it. People get inspired from other people's work, make new friends, reconnect with old friends, get their first job, and so on. These bonds and relationships open up doors to endless possibilities. After the conference, the world will not be quite the same place, and we are teaming up to make that magic happen!