2020, Online

Announcing Reckonsys as Associate Sponsor

We are happy to introduce our Associate sponsor Reckonsys!

Reckonsys Tech Labs is a boutique software development firm specializing in building Minimum Viable Products for Startups leveraging Python Stack and other emerging technologies in a cost-effective manner without compromising on the Security/Scalability of these products when Startups scale. Reckonsys also works with SME's in solving interesting challenges using a new breed of disruptive technologies.

Established in 2015, Reckonsys now has a team of 45 Engineers, an eclectic mix of Designers, Pythonistas, JavaScripters, pixel-perfect UI Developers, DevOps folks, Data Scientists and Agile practitioners, who love to deliver happiness to our clients through their work and have fun learning new things to make them more relevant in the ever-changing technology landscape.

Out of 9 Products that Reckonsys built for their clients in the last three years, 5 got funded!!

Website Link: https://www.reckonsys.com