Announcing Pramati Technologies as Silver Sponsor

We are happy to introduce our Silver sponsor Pramati Technologies!

Pramati Technologies, a privately held software company, builds independent technology businesses focused on profitable, well-defined markets in digital, social, mobile, and cloud computing. Among its ventures are the low-code platform vendor WaveMaker Inc., the micro-apps platform SpotCues Inc., and the enterprise innovation services company Imaginea Technologies Inc. Pramati seeds ideas through its Mountain View based startup accelerator arm, Pramati Prism that nurtures and scales them into profitable ventures. The portfolio includes the strong authentication service provider ThumbSignin, the delivery automation platform HyScale, micro-conversions solution, and the API management platform Apitive. Pramati Technologies started as a pioneering Java middleware company in 1998 and since has continued to invest in products and services in frontier technology areas. It has 1500+ employees with offices in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mountain View, and London.

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