Announcing EDII-TN as Gold Sponsor

We are happy to introduce our Gold sponsor EDII-TN!

EDII (Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute), a society established by the Government of Tamil Nadu, to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in the State. Recently State Government launched the Tamil Nadu Startup and Innovation Policy which aims at creating a conducive entrepreneurial ecosystem in the state through various initiatives including upskilling of human capital, delegation programs etc. Being the nodal agency of the policy, EDII partners with various active startup and tech communities at every possible avenue to realise the vision of the policy.

Flagship Programs of EDII:

  1. TNIGC (Tamil Nadu Innovation Grand Challenge) is an initiative to support ideas of budding startups with mentorship and funding.
  2. TNSI (Tamil Nadu Student Innovators) is the student-centric program to discover, nurture, and fund innovative ideas from the student community that have the potential to become innovative products and successful enterprises.
  3. IEDP (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Programme) aims to create a positive and dynamic Entrepreneurship & Innovation ecosystem within and around higher educational institutions for students.
  4. In addition, EDII has funding schemes like IVP (Innovation Voucher Program) which aims to improve innovation in MSME/Startups by providing Financial support through various vouchers.

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