2020, Online

Announcing ATONARP as Associate Sponsor

We are happy to introduce our Associate sponsor ATONARP!

At Atonarp, we are revolutionising how we sense, collect, process and interpret data at the molecular level. Our teams work out of Tokyo, Bay Area and Bengaluru with a focus on scientific technology platforms for molecular analysis.

The ability to see materials in molecular detail opens up a world of exciting possibilities. Can a blood test be as simple as taking temperature at home? Can haemoglobin levels be measured without the prick of a needle? With the Atonarp Optical Spectrometer (AOS), we are finding ways to make this and much more possible. Using nonlinear optics that provide high sensitivity and rapid results, the AOS can probe molecules without direct contact. The day isn't far when a small wearable accessory monitors basic metabolic levels and communicates the need to see a doctor.

We have built one of the most intelligent and user-friendly mass spectrometers in the world - AMS-1300 - The Smart Spectrometer. Starting with pharmaceutical lyophilisation, we now enable powerful process analytical solutions across a range of industries - Semiconductors and Petrochem . We use data science - statistical modelling, noise characterization, machine learning and data analytics - to provide accurate measurements at a fraction of the cost of traditional equipment.

Come join our team of physicists, data scientists, and opto-mechanical, hardware & software engineers and make it happen! Take a look at our current openings and write to us.

Website Link: https://www.atonarp.com