Making PyCon India Accessible: The First Step

As stated in the vision of PyCon India 2019 team, we would like the conference to be as inclusive as possible. Here are a few things we can assure our physically challenged / neuro-divergent attendees, to ensure they have a comfortable and safe environment to connect with the Python community.


  • We will ensure our website is accessible, and that our website follows accessibility guidelines.

  • We will ensure that announcements (like speaker details, schedule, etc) that we circulate before the conference, is accessible.

  • We will avoid the presence of blinking text, glaring colors in the announcements.

  • We will ensure that sign boards are designed with good contrast between background and foreground, so that it is visible clearly.


  • For those who cannot use our ticketing platform, an alternative booking mechanism through NEFT transfer will be provided. Please contact

  • During the registration, you can specify if you have a disability. We will contact you directly to find your needs. We will accommodate requests on a best efforts basis.

  • If you need a caretaker, you can specify during registration. We can have a special discounted ticket for a caretaker to accompany you.

Venue Accessibility

We have ensured the following at both the venues:

  • Main entrance, meeting rooms and lunch area are wheelchair accessible.

  • Ramps near the main entrance will have "No Parking" signs to ensure the way to ramps are not blocked.

  • Wheelchair accessible restrooms are available at the venue.

  • Doorways and important routes are at least 32 inches wide.

  • Stage is accessible for wheelchair users.

  • Empty spaces in front or back of halls for wheelchair users.

  • Elevators in the venue where applicable have Braille markings.

  • Direction signage with optional distance information.

  • Proper lighting in the pathways to make the navigation easier.

  • The pathways will be obstacle free. The stall owners, volunteers and attendees will be briefed on the importance, of this.

  • Layout information and the session schedule, will be provided in advance.

During Session/Conference

  • We will make lapel mic available for people with disabilities.

  • Keep a few chairs reserved in the front for people with visual and hearing disabilities.

  • The printed session schedule will also be available electronically, in large print.

  • Presenters will be reminded that all slides, videos and visual demos will need to be described as part of the spoken presentation.

  • Volunteers to help with slide advancement.

  • Request presenters to ensure presence of Closed Captions (CC) if there is any video displayed.

Volunteers and Medical Support

  • A dedicated contact number to call in case of any need or issue. We will share this with you a few days before the conference.

  • Paramedics will be available at the venue. Their contact information and contact information on local doctors, hospital facilities will be provided.

  • Volunteers/Office Bearers will be sensitivised to the needs of the physically challenged and neuro-divergent participants.

We hope to collect the feedback from the participants with disabilities so that any gap in facilities can be filled in future events and the best practices can be emulated.

If you have any specific needs, you can enquire at We are ready to help.