Useful info PyCon India 2018 Conference Attendees

If you are coming to PyCon India 2018 and attending conference, then please read this blog to understand some dos and don'ts along with lot of useful info.

Hope you're all set for PyCon India 2018.

Here are a few things we would like to bring to your attention.

Reaching to Hyderabad:

Please find information at

At the Registration Desk:

The first step is to register and collect your kit from the front desk. Please carry your ticket as the team would be looking for the registration number on it. The queues will be organized by Registration Number.

ticket image

Lightning Talks:

  • On each of the conference days, we are conducting lightning talks and we encourage you to participate.For those who would like to talk, please ask for the form at the registration desk and drop it in the drop box near the registration desk. Organizers might have to curate, in case of an overwhelming response. All selected speakers will be reached out to by 2:30 PM on both days.
  • Of course, you are always welcome to reach out to the audience using open spaces, for further details look at [@openspaces](

During the conference:

  • Want to meet new people and learn to explore python in wholly different ways? Then don’t forget to check out the open spaces on the second floor. Please look [@openspaces]( for further details
  • Please NOTE: Internet will be provided at the premises. However, due to a large number of delegates, there is a high possibility of connection or bandwidth issues. We strongly recommend you to carry your own data card/hotspot as a contingency.
  • Please NOTE: Water will be provided at the premises. However, please get a water bottle to hold it during the sessions.
  • In case, any of our halls are full for any particular talks, we encourage you to check out other talks/sessions. All talks are curated to keep it interesting and engaging for you. No matter where you come from. Sometimes, Serendipity works magic.
  • Subscribe to the official [slack channel]( for all sorts of announcements and communications.

Code Of Conduct

  • Be kind and sensitive to the people around you and avoid any kind of offensive behavior. Sexist, racist or any other form of exclusionary or offensive jokes or excessive public swearing are not appropriate at any venue of PyCon India.
  • Attendees violating these rules may be asked to leave the conference without a refund at the sole discretion of the conference organizers.
  • Thank you for your consideration and help in making PyCon India a welcoming, friendly event for all of us.
  • The long version is available [here](

We're happy and excited to have you at our conference and hope to make it a great experience for you. Feel free to contact us for any assistance.

Team PyCon India.