PyCon India 2018 : Update in Venue, Addition of HydPy

There has been few major changes in the organisation of PyCon India 2018 due to some unavoidable circumstances & to have a successful PyCon India.

To the City of Nizams

The community has decided to shift the venue to Hyderabad & let the new entrants take lead this year.

The Python community in Hyderabad has been growing rapidly in the last few years. The city saw the first regional Python conference held recently in October 2017 organized by the Hyderabad Python Users Group(HydPy).

HydPy will be organising PyCon India on Oct 5th - Oct 9th instead of PyCon Hyderabad this year, the new dates were kept in alignment with the schedule earlier planned for its own regional conference.

The Event

  • Workshops : Oct 5th (Fri). 4 parallel tracks with each workshop being 3 hour long
  • Conference : Oct 6th & 7th (Sat-Sun). 3 parallel sessions
  • Dev Sprints : Oct 8th & 9th (Mon-Tue)

Volunteer structure

We’re incorporating workgroup structure which will take responsibility of getting things done for various teams of PyCon India 2018.

Workgroup - Core group of people responsible for the execution of tasks mandated for a given team. The workgroup is also responsible for setting guidelines on the team's working.

Volunteers - The workgroup along with the volunteers execute the various tasks in the shape and form as agreed within the workgroup.

Important Dates


  • Opens : TBD
  • Closes : July 1st
  • Last date to upload final presentation : July 15th
  • Talk acceptance : Aug 4th.
  • Final schedule : Aug 15th.


  • Opens : May 15th.
  • Closes : September 28th.
  • Note : Ticket cancellations will not be allowed beyond September 15th. Also, registration is limited by the venue capacity and hence, might close sooner.

That's about it folks. Spread the word, talk about it, let your friends and family know, and let's make the 10th year conference the best one ever.