Announcing LiveHealth as Gold Sponsor


Hi Everyone, it is our pleasure to announce the PyCon India 2018’s gold sponsor LiveHealth - A Diagnostic Management Solution.

LiveHealth is a next generation cloud based and mobile ready MIS for Diagnostic Centre which helps them manage their Point of Sales, MIS, Medical Instruments, EMR & reduce human error.

LiveHealth seamlessly digitises records from diagnostic laboratories through its SaaS platform and makes them available on the cloud to patients and doctors. LiveHealth works with diagnostic centres to automate their operations - to manage patients, financial transactions, automation between medical instruments, and inventory. It gives them actionable insights to drive revenue and profitability and also simplifies information exchange with other healthcare providers. Patients can use the Livehealth app to understand reports, analyse past health data, and monitor their health using health trackers, both for themselves and their family, even on a remote basis. Doctors and patients benefit from creating a standardised medical record using Livehealth platform.