Call For Proposals is open!

The time has come! And we are thrilled to announce the opening of Call for Proposals. We encourage everyone to submit a proposal on any topic they would like to share with the community.

Here are some of the important dates to keep in mind:

  • July 10: Proposal submission deadline
  • July 29: Workshop finalization and first round decision for talks
  • August 12: Final round decision for talks
  • September 1: Schedule announcement on the website


The proposals can be of two type:

  1. Talk: A Talk is focused on a topic for 30 minutes.
  2. Workshop: A Workshop is an in depth, hands on session for 2 hours and 30 minutes


Here are some sections under which you can submit your talk or workshop:

  1. Core python and Standard library - Language Features, Python Implementations, Extending Python and Standard Library
  2. Data science - Data Analysis, Scientific Computing, Machine Learning and Data Visualization
  3. Developer tools and Automation - Testing, CI/CD, Containers, Orchestration, Logging and Monitoring
  4. Web Development - Web frameworks and RESTful APIs
  5. Embedded python - MicroPython, Python on Hardware, Robotics, Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  6. Networking and Security - Network Programming, Async, Network Security and Encryption
  7. Others - Everything else that may be of interest to the audience of PyCon India


  • The proposal should have an objective with clear expectation for the audience.
  • The proposal description should be short and to the point.
  • The proposal should have proper prerequisites like environment setup, library version.
  • Appropriate session content like presentation, pdf, code snippets etc. are a plus.
  • Proposal content links can be updated later.
  • Proposal content should adhere to code of conduct.
  • Proposal content shouldn't have a company name throughout the content. Mention of the employer is allowed only at the beginning of the content (presentation/pdf).
  • Background image/wallpaper shouldn't contain company name/logos.
  • Selection/Rejection about talks will be notified via email.
  • For any questions, please write to


Presenters, regardless of experience, sometimes want a little help. If you’d like any help in proposing, preparing, or presenting your talk, feel free to contact one of our mentors! A mentor is an experienced presenter who has volunteered to help other presenters.

If you are a first-time speaker, or looking for help to give a shape to the idea that you have in your mind, or just appreciate another set of eyes, our mentors are here to help. If you would like to be matched with a mentor to help with your proposal(s), request a mentor here.


Q: Who can propose a session ?
A: Anyone who works on python irrespective of the experience.

Q: I am first time speaker, can I propose session ?
A: Yes. We accept proposals from everyone.

Q: Will someone help me fine tune the content ?
A: Yes, we have a set of reviewers who will review the content and give feedback from time to time. You can also go through these resources to make your talk successful:

Q: Can I upload the content later ?
A: Yes, it is advised to start with rough draft and iterate rather than postponing to last minute.

Q: Can I propose multiple talks?
A: Yes, you can as long as they are different.