Announcing Zeomega as Silver Sponsor

ZeOmega is the premier enabler of value-based care. Providing a low-cost, rapidly-deployable, HIE-enabled population health management infrastructure that enables healthcare organizations to overcome interoperability issues and achieve Triple Aim goals of lowering the per-capita cost of care, increasing care quality, and improving the care experience.

ZeOmega was established in 2001 and completed its first implementation in 2004. Since then it introduced the industry’s first flexible platform to automate workflows, and, eventually, workflow-embedded data integration and analytics to drive actionable intelligence.

ZeOmega’s mission is to deliver proven population health management software solutions that enable our clients to enhance the value of healthcare and bend the cost curve. ZeOmega delivers integrated informatics and business process management solutions so actionable information can be delivered in real time, at the right time, to all stakeholders in the care management continuum.