Announcing PyCon India 2018!

This blog post is old. There has been a change in PyCon India 2018 Location. The Announcement can be found in this blog post.

A decade of unity in diversity presents - the 10th year anniversary edition of PyCon India!

While a walk down memory lane would be apt at this point, let's keep the long story short for now by saying we've done it! A conference started by volunteers, handed and taken over from one group to another, from one city to another, we start drawing another arc of the full circle this year when the conference reaches back to its city of origin - Bangalore.


The Conference will be from August 22nd (Wednesday) to 26th (Sunday).

  • Conference : 22nd (Wed) - 24th (Fri)
  • Workshop : 25th (Sat) - 26th (Sun)
  • Dev sprints : 25th (Sat) - 26th (Sun)


We're moving to an even bigger and better venue this year - The Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. It can take in a lot more people, has more halls for multiple tracks, allows for easier movement between them and is generally a whole lot bigger than all the other venues we've had so far.

Bangalore International Exhibition Centre

10th Mile, Tumkur Road, Madavara Post,

Dasanapura Hobli,

Bangalore 562 123,


As you might have guessed, the discussions and preparations are under full swing already. While the conference along with the participation has evolved and grown significantly over the years, none of that would've happened had we not pushed to excel ourselves every single year. With that spirit, and a whole lot of energy, let's look at a few things we're introducing this year.

Kids' Track

There hasn't been a better time in history for the young ones to learn and play with programming. With an eye into the future, this year we intend to have a dedicated Kids' Track where we welcome them, teach and let them build stuff over the days of the conference.

Poster Sessions

While we already had Poster Sessions once before, it was only for a short 30 minutes. Since it was received very well, we're planning to have it again this year; probably with more time and incentive for the presenters to get involved.

Career Booth

This is exclusively to help potential job seekers to find an opportunity at the conference. The idea is to have a dedicated booth/stall to collect resumes and contact information of those who want to get discovered by potential employers and make a match between them. The finer details are yet to be finalised, but we've received requests for the something of the sort over the years and we're sure it'll help quite a few people.

That's about it for now!

In case your organisation is interested in meeting one of the most enthusiastic Python crowds in all of India, be sure to checkout the sponsorship details. Not only would you have access to meet these people face to face, but you will be helping the community as a whole by supporting the conference financially and making sure we can accommodate the widest possible audience.

For you budding speakers and teachers out there, prepare yourself mentally and watch this space for the Call For Proposal announcement. We want to see your proposals and we encourage people from all walks of life to submit talk/workshop proposals despite your age, gender, experience and/or background. No one became an expert overnight. So seize the opportunity and let's get you on that stage.

Now the question is...

Are you ready?

Hypertrack Hackathon during PyCon India 2017


HyperTrack tells you where your users are, what they are doing and how their device is doing. Developers can get this data in real-time with pinpoint accuracy and negligible battery consumption. HyperTrack is conducting a hackathon to encourage developers to build innovative apps using HyperTrack's location tracking APIs. Come and bring in your innovative and crazy ideas to reality with HyperTrack and win awesome prizes.

How To Participate

Just grab a ticket to PyCon India 2017 conference. You should have a 'Conference Ticket' (for 4th and 5th November) through which you can participate in the hackathon.


7th Floor, Shaheed Sukhdev College Of Business Studies, Same as the PyCon India 2017 Venue.


From after lunch i.e. 2PM on 4th November, to the end of conference, i.e. 5PM on 5th November.

Hackathon Prizes

Amount would be announced at the start of the hackathon.

Announcing Microsoft as Platinum Sponsor

Microsoft's commitment to openness and collaboration is ingrained in our day-to-day approach to doing business. We continue to invest in delivering a great experience for any developer, with any app, on any platform. From making the full server-side .NET stack open source to delivering Bash on Ubuntu on Windows and Visual Studio Code,a free full featured code editor for Linux, Mac, OSX and Windows, we reinforce the commitment.

Our Cloud platform, Microsoft Azure supports the broadest selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices. Run Linux containers with Docker integration, build apps with JavaScript, Python, .NET, PHP, Java and Node.js, build back-ends for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Azure cloud service supports the same technologies millions of developers and IT professionals already rely on and trust.

Learn how to build and deploy Python Apps on Azure and use Python scripts to use and manage your Azure resources. Also, get access to 12,100 INR worth of Free Azure Credits by explore more about our cloud platform.

Announcing HyperTrack as Platinum Sponsor

Developers build awesome applications using HyperTrack's location tracking APIs. HyperTrack tells you where your users are, what they are doing and how their device is doing. You get this data in real-time with pinpoint accuracy and negligible battery consumption. You can consume this data in your favorite programming language through APIs, visuals or events. Thousands of developers have built hundreds of applications with HyperTrack across 50+ countries. What will you build with location?

Announcing Tensor Flow as Platinum Sponsor

TensorFlow™ is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. Nodes in the graph represent mathematical operations, while the graph edges represent the multidimensional data arrays (tensors) communicated between them. The flexible architecture allows you to deploy computation to one or more CPUs or GPUs in a desktop, server, or mobile device with a single API. TensorFlow was originally developed by researchers and engineers working on the Google Brain Team within Google's Machine Intelligence research organization for the purposes of conducting machine learning and deep neural networks research, but the system is general enough to be applicable in a wide variety of other domains as well.

Workshop ticket price slash

Every year PyCon India team strives hard to put effort making the conference better for participants. The current edition of PyCon India stretches for four days. The first two days filled with workshops and dev sprints, and last two days comprising a different version of talks.

The last edition had six workshops, and this edition has sixteen workshops. More workshops are exciting news for participants and present audience to attend workshops from a broad category.

For past few days, a lot of our audience expressed interest in attending multiple workshops on two days, but the price is a show stopper. After considering the request, the revised ticket price is 750 INR + taxes. Hope this will help you to participate in more workshops. The current workshop ticket holders will get a refund in the difference of amount after revised ticket fare. You can write to contact at in dot pycon dot org for any inquiries.

Head to ticket page to purchase tickets.

Community Participation at PyCon India

PyCon India is run by volunteer and there have been innumerable people from various python communities from various parts of India who deserve kudos for their efforts in running the event for past nine years. There have been requests from communities in the past for space which we regrettably could not fulfil due to space constraints. This year too a lot of communities have asked for an area in the venue to exhibit their work. We are excited to take this opportunity to invite communities that are contributing to the ecosystem of Python to showcase themselves, their projects and activities at PyCon India 2017.

There are multiple ways to showcase your work at PyCon India:

  • Take part in Dev Sprint by submitting a proposal.
  • Give a lightning talk aka flash talks.
  • Register for a slot in open spaces.
  • Register for a community space

In the area earmarked for community space, a booth with a table and chairs for two representatives shall be setup for each selected community. We encourage the representatives to bring a standee, sticker and information brochures to spread awareness about their work and contribution to the open source world.

We strongly believe that people should be aware of every community that support and sustain the python ecosystem at large. We hope that this would help the community gain much needed exposure and find new contributors which in turn shall strengthen the ecosystem. And what could be a better place for this than the premier Python conference of India, PyCon India 2017.

Interested? Register for free by filling the form.

Announcing Adobe as Silver Sponsor

Adobe Systems Incorporated is an American multinational computer software company. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, United States. Adobe's focus has always been the creation of multimedia and creativity software products, with the foray of rich Internet application software. Adobe tools enable to take productivity to the next level while preserving the creative vision.

Adobe offers products and services that are used by professionals, marketers, knowledge workers, application developers and enterprises for creating, managing, delivering, measuring, optimizing and engaging with compelling content and experiences. It is best-known development for Photoshop, an image editing software, Acrobat Reader, the Portable Document Format (PDF) and Adobe Creative Suite, as well as its successor Adobe Creative Cloud.

We are proud to announce Adobe Systems Incorporated as a Silver Sponsor for PyCon India 2017. What are you waiting for, grab your tickets now.

Announcing Zeomega as Silver Sponsor

ZeOmega is the premier enabler of value-based care. Providing a low-cost, rapidly-deployable, HIE-enabled population health management infrastructure that enables healthcare organizations to overcome interoperability issues and achieve Triple Aim goals of lowering the per-capita cost of care, increasing care quality, and improving the care experience.

ZeOmega was established in 2001 and completed its first implementation in 2004. Since then it introduced the industry’s first flexible platform to automate workflows, and, eventually, workflow-embedded data integration and analytics to drive actionable intelligence.

ZeOmega’s mission is to deliver proven population health management software solutions that enable our clients to enhance the value of healthcare and bend the cost curve. ZeOmega delivers integrated informatics and business process management solutions so actionable information can be delivered in real time, at the right time, to all stakeholders in the care management continuum.

Announcing FOSSEE as Silver Sponsor

FOSSEE (Free and Open Source Software in Education) project promotes the use of FOSS tools to improve the quality of education in India. FOSSEE aims to reduce dependency on proprietary software in educational institutions. FOSSEE encourages the use of Free and Open Source Software(FOSS) through various activities to ensure commercial software is replaced by equivalent FOSS tools. FOSSEE also develops new FOSS tools and upgrade existing tools to meet requirements in academia and research.

The FOSSEE project is part of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India. Python team is part of the FOSSEE (Free & Open Source Software for Education) project at IIT Bombay. FOSSEE, in turn is a part of the National Mission on Education through ICT with the thrust area being "Adaptation and deployment of open source simulation packages equivalent to proprietary software” funded by MHRD.

Announcing Python Software Foundation as Silver Sponsor

The Python Software Foundation (PSF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that holds the intellectual property rights behind the Python programming language. Python Software Foundation manages the open source licensing for Python version 2.1 and later and own and protect the trademarks associated with Python. The mission of the Python Software Foundation is to promote, protect, and advance the Python programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers.

PSF also runs the North American PyCon conference annually and support other Python conferences around the world, and funds Python related development with their grants program and funding special projects. Follow their blog for regular updates and recent developments. For a brief overview of all the activities of the Python Software foundation, Refer to the Executive Summary

Announcing Pipal Academy as the Associate Sponsor

Pipal Academy is a collective of experienced technologists, who care deeply about the art of software development. They offer in-depth courses on niche technical topics. Pipal Academy regularly conducts public workshops in Bangalore and also offer on-site corporate training. Their courses are targeted at professional software developers. Courses include beginner and advanced Python classes, Git VCS and much more. Conducting their courses in a more interactive way by focusing on the Hands-On aspect of it is their aim. Click here for more information.

Pipal Academy is now the Associate Sponsor for PyCon India 2017, the premier conference for Python Programming language in India. Follow them on Twitter and Github

Catch the keynote speaker Noufal Ibrahim from Pipal Academy talking about his love and experiences with Python. Hurry though, very few tickets remaining. Buy them from here.

Ticket transfer and cancellation 2017

PyCon India, the premier conference in India on using and developing the Python programming language is conducted annually by the Python developer community. The ticket is for the main conference on 4th and 5th Nov 2017. For DevSprints and Workshops 2nd and 3rd Nov 2017, one should have any one of the conference tickets. Tickets for workshops are separate and would be available once the schedule is finalized.

The policy for ticket transfer & cancellation guidelines for the event is as follows. All tickets bought using Explara are transferable till 15th Oct 2017. The early bird tickets cannot be canceled. All other tickets can be canceled or transferred till 15th Oct 2017.

To transfer your PyCon India ticket or get a ticket transferred to you or your friend. Fill up this form. Your entry will be added here. If you are contacted by anyone for the transfer of your Pycon India ticket, please visit this website.

There on the page fill the email Id that you used at the time of booking, then click submit. Click on Transfer Ticket and follow the instructions to fill new attendee details (the person who wants the ticket). After transferring edit your form response and set status to 'Resolved' through the edit response link sent to your email. For people looking to get a ticket transferred to them, you may want to keep an eye on the sheet regularly and contact the people who filled that form.

For further queries on ticketing or ticket cancellations, please write to us at or check the FAQs section on our official website.

Address, how to reach and hotels nearby

Here are few options one might consider for their travel or accommodation while attending the conference.

  • Address and how to reach.
    • Address: Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, PSP Area IV, Dr. K.N. Katju Marg, Sector 16, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi 110089.
    • Map Details: here.
    • Cab details: You can book Ola or uber direct to this venue from anywhere from Delhi - NCR.
    • Metro Details:
      • If travelling through Yellow line - Then deboard metro at Rohini sector 18 metro station. Venue is 4.3 km from Rohini sector 18 metro station.And it is more feasible for you if you change metro at Kashmiri Gate and take red line metro from up towards Rithala and deboard metro at Rithala metro station and take any E-rickshaw from there to reach venue. Venue is 1.6 km from Rithala metro station.
      • If travelling through Blue line - Then change metro at Rajiv Chowk and board yellow metro for Kashmiri Gate metro station and take red line metro from there towards Rithala metro station.
      • If travelling through Violet line - Then take a straight metro for kashmiri gate from your respective metro station and change red line metro from there towards Rithala.
      • If travelling through Airport line metro - Then deboard at New Delhi metro station and take a yellow line metro station for Kashmiri Gate metro station and take red line metro from there towards Rithala metro station.
  • List of hotels nearby:
    - Hotels Name Price/Night Address
    OYO Premium 710 ₹ 2348 Pocket 8, Block B ICICI Bank Building, Sector 15, Rohini, Delhi
    Ap Holiday Inn ₹ 2612 Plot No.8, Pocket- 8B,, ICICI Bank Building,, Sector-15, Rohini,, Delhi
    Hotel Sandberry ₹ 2950 D-14, Main Outer Ring Road, Near PVC Cinema, Prashant Vihar, Delhi
    Sweet Holiday Home ₹ 2749 A-305, Prashant Vihar, Rohini, Behind P V R Cinema, New Delhi, Delhi
    Hotel Goel Residency -------------------- A-1/84, Sector-8, Rohini, Near Rohini East Metro Station, Delhi
    Crowne Plaza New ₹ 7235 Twin District Centre, Sector 10, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi
    Shiv Sakhi Stay ₹ 1380 Pocket 8, Sector 5, Rohini, Delhi
    Hotel Sarvasa ₹ 3733 Plot No. 104, 104, Pocket 27, Rohini, Delhi
    Seven Seas Hotel ₹ 1035 12, Mangalam Place, Sector 3, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi
    Sewa Dham Inn ₹ 2613 F1-43/44/45, Kotla Rd, Pocket 1, Sector 11F, Rohini, Delhi
    Hotel Sunrise -------------------- 4/52, WEA, Saraswati Marg, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi

Announcing Keynote Speaker for PyCon India 2017 - Elizabeth Ferrao

Welcoming Elizabeth Ferrao as a Keynote Speaker for PyCon India 2017.

Elizabeth Ferrao

Elizabeth Ferrao

Elizabeth Ferrao leads product management and developer advocacy for XapiX , data transformation tool for APIs, and is the co-founder of Women Who Code NYC, an 8k+ community of developers. She’s known for creating compelling products, communities and, organizing building technology teams.

She was previously a front-end engineer for Time Inc., Tech-in-residence for Clutch Talent, and spends her time now thinking about product experiences, upping engineering productivity, and finding the best donut shops in NYC. Her Twitter handle is @MusingMurmurs

PyCon India has just got a new Gold Sponsor Visible Alpha.

Visible Alpha is transforming the way Wall Street firms collaborate on research, financial models and other services. The company combines advanced data correction methodologies, a secure distribution network and sophisticated analytical tools on the front end to drive efficiencies and transparency into the research process and help firms generate alpha in new and differentiated ways.

Formed by some of the world’s top investment banks(BAML, Citi, Jefferies, Morgan Stanley and UBS) to create a common language and platform for their analysts’ financial models and forecasts. They recognised the opportunity to deliver to their clients this insightful information in a more useful, accessible and directly comparable way, providing an unprecedented level of granularity for deep, quantifiable insight into the market.

Python plays a major role in the analysis and interpretation of Financial Data and now the ever growing big data. Hence, we're excited about this collaboration with Visible Alpha and are bring them abode as Gold Sponsors! This collaboration will not only play a major role in promoting Python but also unlock doors for many financial analysts to get their hands dirty with using and building tools to analyse financial data.

PyCon India Tickets 2017

PyCon India, the premier conference in India on using and developing the Python programming language is conducted annually by the Python developer community.

This time PyCon India 2017 is scheduled from 2nd-5th November, 2017 with exciting workshops, talks and dev sprints from the experts.

Tickets Structure

Supporter: A Supporter ticket reserves your seat for the conference on 4th-5th november with a pricing of INR 5000 individually with no processing fees.

You can book your supporter ticket here up to 5 p.m. 25th Oct, 2017.

Student Ticket: A Student ticket reserves your seat for the conference on 4th-5th november, 2017 with a pricing of INR 1200 individually excluding a small processing fee of INR 88.15/ individual.

You can book your student ticket here up to 5 p.m. of 31st Oct, 2017.

Please note: Student tickets are all sold!

Regular Ticket: A Regular ticket reserves your seat for the conference on 4th-5th november with a pricing of INR 1500 individually excluding a small processing fee of INR 88.15/ individual.

You can book your regular ticket here up to 5 p.m. 31st Sep, 2017.

Late Bird: A Late ticket reserves your seat for the conference on 4th-5th november with a pricing of INR 2500 individually excluding a small processing fee of INR 88.15/ individual.

You can book your late bird ticket here upto 31st Oct, 2017.

Please note: Late Bird tickets are not yet available.

Payment Options

You can pay through Citrus or EBS gateway via Credit Card, Debit Card or Netbanking. You can also use Paytm for your registration by accepting the terms and conditions of explara.

See you there at the Conference!

Understanding Open Spaces

Pycon India is back! It’s time to meet some amazing Pythonistas, share their experiences and learn a ton from some really inspiring like-minded open source enthusiasts. We are happy to inform you that we have decided to continue with our tradition of open space this year as well. Open spaces are not only a great way to create a vibrant community but also a really useful mode of sharing knowledge and learning from the same.

What is an Open Space?

Literally, it's a SPACE OPEN to anyone who wishes to talk about Python. Be it experience, learnings, libraries, tools, frameworks, tests, correct code practices, an idea, a "What-not-to-do" talk or anything (in this case about Python).

How does it work?

Interested people can register for an open space talk. A time slot is allocated, the concerned person gives a talk during the allotted time. Audiences interact and discuss, sharing their opinions. Such small group discussions mostly turn out to be great.

Why to pre-register?

Just to make arrangements for rooms, projectors and other such requirements. On-spot registration is also allowed, provided there is time slot availability.

How to participate in Open Space?

Simply register yourself on the PyCon India CFP when it's announced. Remember you can also just walk in during the conference.


  • Allowed time slot for each talk is 15-30 minutes.
  • Reach the talk arena, 5 minutes before your talk starts.
  • Please specify your requirements for the talk in CFP description.

Proposal Sections

  • Python 3k - Features, Python 2 to 3 migration experience, Writing compatible 2 and 3 code
  • Web Development - Web Development, API design etc ...
  • Standard library - Python Standard library features, usage
  • Infrastructure - Automation, Deployment
  • Network Programming - Socket programming, Async IO, Twisted, Gevent
  • Testing - Unit Testing, Selenium, py.test, Nose
  • Security - Web Security, Server Security, Cryptography, Encryption
  • Data Visualization and Analytics - Visualizations, Statistics, Big Data
  • Scientific Computing - Scientific/Numeric Libraries
  • Concurrency - Parallel Processing, Async IO
  • Embedded Python - Embedded Python, Device Interfacing, Robotics, Raspberry Pi, Arduino
  • Others - Others
  • Core Python - Language Features, Python Implementations, Standard Library, Algorithms, C APIs


Q: Who can give an Open Space talk?
A: Professionals, Lecturers, College Students - anyone who wishes to share.

Q: My talk is not selected for conference, can I opt for Open Space?
A: Yes, this way people who are interested in the topic you proposed can catch up with you at the event itself.

Q: What is the screening process of an Open Space talk?
A: No screening process, we are collecting information to facilitate logistics.

Understanding Dev Sprints

Has contributing to Open source projects been one of those plans for you that just remained a plan? Or did you try contributing to an Open source project but got lost somewhere in the middle due to lack of guidance? Well, dev sprints are here to save the day! During Dev sprints, Mentors/Contributors of Open source projects guide participants through everything, from generating the development build to submitting a patch for a bug.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced contributor, just dive in and get to work. It is also a great opportunity to understand and experience the ways of the Open source. Although, there will be situations when you might feel stuck, but there is nothing to worry about as the mentors present there can provide you instant help to get you moving. We can say this from experience, that participants of these dev sprints have not been limited to their Open source contribution just for the conference days.They are still active contributors.

If you are a contributor or have been involved in maintenance of any Open source project place, please come forward. You can submit your proposal for your Dev sprint here. This project can be any interesting Open source project which is based on Python. You should have enough contributions to the project. Your responsibility will be to help your team set up their development environment, list out beginner friendly bugs and guide them on any problems. Deadline for submitting call for proposals is [Date]. Don't hesitate to submit your proposals. Pycon India is Open for everyone.

The dev sprints will be conducted on 2nd and 3rd of November 2017.

Announcing Keynote Speakers for PyCon India 2017 - Noufal Ibrahim

We are proud to announce Noufal Ibrahim as one of the Keynote Speakers for PyCon India 2017.

Noufal Ibrahim

Noufal Ibrahim

The story of Noufal Ibrahim and PyCon goes way back to the first ever PyCon India Conference. PyCon India 2009 was the first Python Conference in our country and it would not have been possible without Noufal and a group of dedicated volunteers.

Noufal is an industry veteran with over 15 years of experience. He founded Hamon and worked for Cisco systems, Synopsys, The Internet Archive and other organisations mostly in infrastructure engineering positions. Noufal is also a trainer and loves to help people out on stackoverflow. Apart from this he has a collection of calligraphy sheets on this website which he maintains to be beautiful.

Noufal also founded The Lycӕum, which is an experimental educational endeavour started in 2013. It is currently based in Kozhikode, Kerala and focuses on IT education.

Grab your tickets now and meet Noufal Ibrahim and other cool people hacking with python.

Announcing Keynote Speakers for PyCon India 2017 - Peter Wang

Welcoming Peter Wang as a Keynote Speaker for PyCon India 2017.

Peter Wang

Peter Wang is the Co-Founder and CTO of Continuum Analytics. His interests in the fundamentals of vector computing and interactive visualization led him to co-found Continuum Analytics, which helps people discover, analyze, and collaborate by connecting their curiosity and experience with any data.

At Continuum Analytics, Peter leads the product engineering team for the Anaconda platform (gives superpowers to people who change the world) and open source projects including Bokeh and Blaze.

He's the co-organiser of PyData conference, which approaches data science using many languages, including Python, and always gives effort to growing the Python data community by teaching, advocating and speaking about Python at conferences worldwide.

He has been developing commercial scientific computing and visualization software for over 15 years. He has experience of software design and development in broad areas, including 3D graphics, geophysics, financial risk modeling, large data simulation and visualization, and medical imaging.

He can be reached at his twitter handle:@pwang

You can read more about him at

Call For Proposals is open!

“Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving.“ - Kamari aka Lyrikal

Pycon India 2017 is scheduled from 2-5th November this year. The conference is in its 9th year and has been made possible through the continued effort of all the people involved in it – the volunteers, the attendees, the sponsors and the speakers.

The Call For Proposals is open and we are calling people from all walks of life to share their experience and knowledge with the community. You can submit your proposals here.


The proposals can be of two type:

  1. Talk: A Talk is focused on a topic for 40 minutes.
  2. Workshop: A Workshop is an in depth, hands on session for 2 hours and 30 minutes


Here are some sections under which you can submit your talk or workshop:

  1. Data Analysis and Visualization - Data Analysis and Visualization
  2. Standard library - Python Standard library features, usage
  3. Python 3k - Features, Python 2 to 3 migration experience, Writing compatible 2 and 3 code
  4. Web Development - Web Development, API design etc ...
  5. Infrastructure - Automation, Deployment
  6. Network Programming - Socket programming, Async IO, Twisted, Gevent
  7. Testing - Unit Testing, Selenium, py.test, Nose
  8. Security - Web Security, Server Security, Cryptography, Encryption
  9. Scientific Computing - Scientific/Numeric Libraries
  10. Concurrency - Parallel Processing, Async IO
  11. Embedded Python - Embedded Python, Device Interfacing, Robotics, Raspberry Pi, Arduino
  12. Core Python - Language Features, Python Implementations, Standard Library, Algorithms, C APIs
  13. Others – Others


  • 31st August: Proposal submission deadline
  • 14th September: First round Talk selection announcement
  • 21st September: Presentation upload
  • 1st October: Final review and Final announcement


  • The proposal should have an objective with clear expectation for the audience.
  • The Proposal description should be short and to the point.
  • The proposal should have proper prerequisites like environment setup, library version.
  • No proposal will be selected without a link to appropriate session content like presentation, pdf, code snippets etc ...
  • Proposal content links can be updated later.
  • Proposal content should adhere to code of conduct.
  • Proposal content shouldn't have a company name throughout the content. Mention of the employer is allowed only at the beginning of the content (presentation/pdf).
  • Background image/wallpaper shouldn't contain company name/logos.
  • Selection/Rejection about talks will be notified via email.
  • For any questions, please write to


Q: Who can propose a session ?
A: Anyone who works on python irrespective of the experience.

Q: I am first time speaker, can I propose session ?
A: Yes. We accept proposals from everyone.

Q: Will someone help me fine tune the content ?
A: Yes, we have a set of reviewers who will review the content and give feedback from time to time. You can also go through these resources to make your talk successful:

Q: Can I upload the content later ?
A: Yes, it is advised to start with rough draft and iterate rather than postponing to last minute.

Q: Can I propose multiple talks?
A: Yes, you can as long as they are different.


And if you haven’t bought the tickets yet, get them from here.