Hypertrack Hackathon during PyCon India 2017


HyperTrack tells you where your users are, what they are doing and how their device is doing. Developers can get this data in real-time with pinpoint accuracy and negligible battery consumption. HyperTrack is conducting a hackathon to encourage developers to build innovative apps using HyperTrack's location tracking APIs. Come and bring in your innovative and crazy ideas to reality with HyperTrack and win awesome prizes.

How To Participate

Just grab a ticket to PyCon India 2017 conference. You should have a 'Conference Ticket' (for 4th and 5th November) through which you can participate in the hackathon.


7th Floor, Shaheed Sukhdev College Of Business Studies, Same as the PyCon India 2017 Venue.


From after lunch i.e. 2PM on 4th November, to the end of conference, i.e. 5PM on 5th November.

Hackathon Prizes

Amount would be announced at the start of the hackathon.