PyCon India has just got a new Gold Sponsor Visible Alpha.

Visible Alpha is transforming the way Wall Street firms collaborate on research, financial models and other services. The company combines advanced data correction methodologies, a secure distribution network and sophisticated analytical tools on the front end to drive efficiencies and transparency into the research process and help firms generate alpha in new and differentiated ways.

Formed by some of the world’s top investment banks(BAML, Citi, Jefferies, Morgan Stanley and UBS) to create a common language and platform for their analysts’ financial models and forecasts. They recognised the opportunity to deliver to their clients this insightful information in a more useful, accessible and directly comparable way, providing an unprecedented level of granularity for deep, quantifiable insight into the market.

Python plays a major role in the analysis and interpretation of Financial Data and now the ever growing big data. Hence, we're excited about this collaboration with Visible Alpha and are bring them abode as Gold Sponsors! This collaboration will not only play a major role in promoting Python but also unlock doors for many financial analysts to get their hands dirty with using and building tools to analyse financial data.