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Announcing Keynote Speakers for PyCon India 2017 - Noufal Ibrahim

We are proud to announce Noufal Ibrahim as one of the Keynote Speakers for PyCon India 2017.

Noufal Ibrahim

Noufal Ibrahim

The story of Noufal Ibrahim and PyCon goes way back to the first ever PyCon India Conference. PyCon India 2009 was the first Python Conference in our country and it would not have been possible without Noufal and a group of dedicated volunteers.

Noufal is an industry veteran with over 15 years of experience. He founded Hamon and worked for Cisco systems, Synopsys, The Internet Archive and other organisations mostly in infrastructure engineering positions. Noufal is also a trainer and loves to help people out on stackoverflow. Apart from this he has a collection of calligraphy sheets on this website which he maintains to be beautiful.

Noufal also founded The LycÓ•um, which is an experimental educational endeavour started in 2013. It is currently based in Kozhikode, Kerala and focuses on IT education.

Grab your tickets now and meet Noufal Ibrahim and other cool people hacking with python.